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Stay Cool Inside This Summer With These Upcoming Apple Arcade Titles

Subscribers can play a town-building game and more in July.

Zachary McAuliffe Staff writer
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Zachary McAuliffe
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Apple Arcade mobile gaming
James Martin/CNET

While the temperatures climb this summer, stay cool inside with the latest titles on Apple Arcade. The CNET Editors' Choice Award pick is adding three new games to its growing library in July. 

Apple Arcade is filled with familiar and classic games, alongside exclusive titles you can play for $7 a month (£7, AU$10). You can find many of these games in the App Store, but they have paywalls and ads that might hinder your gaming experience. Using an Apple Arcade subscription, you can play each game without paywalls and ads, which is usually denoted by "Plus" in the game's name.

Apple Arcade added Return to Monkey Island in June, and it plans to add these titles on July 3.

Outlanders 2: Second Nature

Developer: Pomelo Games

Outlanders 2 logo showing a windmill and people in an airship

Get ready to return to the Outlands in the sequel to the popular town-building game. The next game in the series introduces new ways to survive in the wilderness, as well as new environments, like the Tropiclands and Winterlands. Luckily there are more resources than before to ensure you and your community not only survive but thrive.

Punch Kick Duck Plus

Developer: Shaun Coleman

Punch Kick Duck Plus logo showing a duck, rabbit, ferret, fox and other critters fighting

The cruel Baron Tigrisso abducted you, and now you must escape from his tower of martial arts critters. Thankfully, you've studied quack-fu for many years and have mastered the art of punching, kicking and ducking. This title sounds simple, but the rock-paper-scissors mechanics -- punch beats kick, kick beats duck, duck beats punch -- make this side scroller surprisingly challenging.

Zen Koi Pro Plus

Developer: LandShark Games

Five fish swimming in water

This tranquil title is great if you want to kick back and relax after a day in the sun. This game was inspired by the Asian myth of a koi fish ascending into a dragon, and you can collect over 50 unique patterns of fish that can turn into mythical creatures. So enjoy the soothing music and raise your koi from an egg to a legendary beast.

You can access these games in Apple Arcade on July 3, but there are plenty of other games to play on the service now for $7 a month or $50 annually. You can also try Apple Arcade for free for one month with your first sign-up, or you can get a three-month free trial when you buy a new Apple device. To access Apple Arcade, open the App Store on your iOS or iPadOS device and tap the joystick in the menu bar.

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