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Star Wars Battlefront update tweaks spawn timers, vehicle behaviour ahead of release

DICE's shooter available now to EA Access members.

EA has released an update for Star Wars Battlefront in time for the shooter becoming available to EA Access subscribers.

The new update bring the total size of Star Wars Battlefront on the PS4 to 20.88 GB. The patch notes, which were posted online by Reddit user TeRmRan19, reveal the extent of the changes. Take a look below to see them.

Version 1.01 Changes

  • Tweaked hero card spawn timers
  • General bug fixes for the partner system
  • Various fixes for getting stuck when existing Starfighters and ground vehicles
  • General crash and stability fixes
  • Online traffic performance improvements
  • Various text fixes for all languages
  • General bug fixes for both Missions and Multiplayer

Battlefront launches on November 17 for Xbox One, PS4, and PC. Some Xbox One owners, however, can play the game for a total of 10 hours now if they have an EA Access membership. If you have a subscription, you can start your download from the Xbox Games Store.

In addition to early access for upcoming games, EA Access members have a growing library of free games to play on demand. They can also save 10 percent on all EA digital content. EA Access memberships are available for $5/month or $30/year.

EA recently raised its initial shipment projections for the game from 9-10 million to 13 million. It has said it is aiming to appeal to fans of the shooter genre, as well as lapsed gamers and younger players.