Star Wars Battlefront reveals new Fighter Squadron mode

Up to 20-players can take part in the vehicle-based combat for Star Wars Battlefront. Check out the gameplay here.

An aerial battle ensued around an Imperial Star Destroyer during the newest Star Wars Battlefront trailer at Gamescom 2015 today.

EA showed the new 20-player Fighter Squadron mode during the publisher's press conference. The battle took place over Sullust, a craggy, magma-covered planet. An Imperial Shuttle took off from the surface, and Rebel fighters were called in to stop it in its path. First X-Wings, then TIE Fighters, A-Wings, and TIE Interceptors--many of the iconic starfighters were shown, both from cockpit and third-person views.

Finally, the Millennium Falcon, with Han Solo voicing his famous "Never tell me the odds line" as he joined the fight.

The gameplay looked smooth, especially considering the fighters' proximity to the planet's surface, and although quick exterior shots showed them dipping through the mechanical canyons of the Star Destroyer, it was unclear whether these parts were actual gameplay.

In addition to 20 human players, EA said 20 AI will partake in the dogfights as well. Star Wars Battlefront releases Nov. 17 this year -- for more news from EA's Gamescom press conference, head here. And for more news from the show this week, stay tuned to GameSpot.