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Square Enix, PS4 The Order dev, and more making Oculus Rift VR games

Here's a list of some of the developers now working on Oculus Rift titles.

Oculus Rift has attracted some high-profile game development companies.


During the Oculus VR E3 Conference this week, the Facebook-owned company revealed an initial list of developers working on projects for the virtual reality headset.

Square Enix, Ratchet & Clank studio Insomniac Games, and The Order: 1886 developer Ready at Dawn are among them.

Check out the slide below to see more.

Not all of the games/apps/experiences from these studios have been announced, though some have. For example, we know Insomniac's VR game is an adventure title called Edge of Nowhere, while Gunfire Games (Darksiders II remaster) is working on a project called Chronos. High Voltage Software (Mortal Kombat X for last-gen and PC), meanwhile, has a VR game called Damaged Core in development, while Sanzaru Games (The Sly Collection) is working on a sports project called VR Sports.

Rock Band developer Harmonix is also featured in the slide, but that doesn't mean Rock Band 4 is coming to the Rift. The studio is likely mentioned there for its previously released music experience app.


Oculus isn't just aiming to appeal to big-time studios, however, as the Facebook-owned company also has announced a $10,000,000 development fund for the "acceleration" of indie games for Rift.

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