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Sony to release a slimmer PS3 Slim?

New images indicate that Sony may be releasing a slimmer PlayStation 3.

Many expected 2012 to be the year of next generation gaming consoles and, in some ways, they were right all along.

Images taken from the Anatel regulatory filing. (Credit: TechnoBlog)

According to images discovered by TechnoBlog, Sony is on the verge of announcing a new, slimmer PlayStation 3 (PS3) console. The images were found in a filing to a Brazilian government regulatory agency, known as Anatel, which shows a console unity that is smaller to the one currently available for sale.

If announced, this would be the third iteration of the PS3 hardware, with the last update occurring almost three years ago. The PS3, available in stores today, is known affectionately as the PS3 Slim, though it will be passing this handle onto this new hardware, if real, as this update is smaller than the current system in all dimensions. It could also come in three SKU variations; 160GB, 250GB and 500GB models.

It's unknown whether any of the internal components of the machine have changed, along with its physical design, and whether a smaller PS3 means a cheaper PS3, especially with speculation that Sony will soon supersede the PS3 with the next generation of gaming consoles.

A comaprison of Sony's PS3 hardware, including the unannounced model (right). (Credit: Mojo/