Sony: sorry for buggy PS3 update

Sony has removed a PS3 update that was reportedly responsible for "bricking" a number of consoles, and has apologised for the inconvenience.

Nic Healey Senior Editor / Australia
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Nic Healey

Sony's PlayStation 3 firmware update number 4.45 has been taken down, with Sony telling users that is is "investigating" the bug.

(Credit: Sony)

Complaints about the PS3 update flooded the net yesterday, with users who had installed the 4.45 firmware reporting console-breaking faults.

Around 6.30pm AEST on 19 June, PlayStation Europe posted the following tweet on its official account.

The tweet was followed with another promising to let users know when the fix had been applied to the update, adding, "we apologise for the inconvenience".

So far, no information has appeared on the Australian PlayStation Twitter account, but the US tweeted at around 6.30am AEST regarding the issues, adding a URL for people to check for information about the update.

At the time of writing, no fix had been released, and the update remained offline.

Users who have experienced the fault after updating are reporting that they can still boot into Safe Mode. This will allow a user to manually apply a firmware update via USB drive. You can find some more detailed steps on this procedure in our original story.