Sony PlayStation 5 logo unveiled at CES 2020

Get used to seeing this logo appear with increasing frequency over the course of this year as Sony gears up for the launch of its PS5 console.

Katie Collins Senior European Correspondent
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Katie Collins

It's here, it's clear.

At CNET, we're dying to know any new details about Sony's upcoming PS5 console the successor to the PS4.

At CES 2020, we didn't get a glimpse of the console, but Sony did show us what the logo for the gaming machine will look like, and it's well... exactly what you would expect. If you're a gamer, get used to seeing this logo appear increasingly frequently over the course of this year as Sony gears up for the launch.

The official launch date is still unknown, but Sony has said it will take place in late 2020 to coincide with the holiday season. Features we can expect to see include a solid-state drive, which will make games boot faster, haptics, 3D audio and Ultra HD Blu-Ray.

Sony will hoping to replicate the success of its PS4 with the new console. At CES, Sony gave the latest sales stats for PS4 -- it's apparently sold 106 million units to consumers, along with 1.15 billion games and 5 million PlayStation VR units.

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