Sony offers free identity theft protection for UK PlayStation gamers

Sony has finally revealed details of the identity protection service it's offering gamers in the UK and Europe.

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Sony has finally revealed details of the identity protection service it's offering gamers in the UK and Europe. Exactly a month after the daring cyberheist that saw hackers steal data on more than 100 million users, a package of measures is being offered to secure you from identity theft and fraud.

Sony has recruited data-security wonks Affinion to protect the personal and financial details of PlayStation Network and Qriocity users in the UK, France, Italy, Spain and Germany.

Sony's online gaming and media services have been closed for business ever since the massive security breach -- described by Sony boss Sir Howard Stringer as a "hiccup". Some services reopened this week but struggled to cope with overwhelming numbers of users returning to change their password.

What you get

In a statement, Sony outlines the identity protection services you're entitled to. The package offers free monitoring, surveillance, reporting and insurance for a year, covering fraud arising from identity theft. You'll get personal information-protection software and access to a dedicated helpline, with the service alerting you if your identity or credit cards are misused by wrong'uns.

You'll also be insured to cover expenses incurred in sorting out any identity fraud against you. As we understand it, the package covers any and all identity theft, and not just fraud arising from the PSN breach. We're confirming that with Sony and we'll keep you posted.

The full details will be available at fraudprotect.co.uk, but that's currently a holding page, so check back later for the full terms and to see what you need to do to sign up. If you're having problems, the UK customer service number is 0844 736 0595. If you're not in the UK -- bienvenue, willkommen, 'ello -- you can find your region's customer service number in Sony's FAQs about the hack.

Sony says regional differences in handling identity theft have made this a complicated process to work out, so it's still sorting identity protection for other regions.

The company has offered gamers a selection of free downloads to say sorry for the chaotic month. You can choose two free games, and benefit from extended subscriptions to online services.

Has Sony done enough to make up for the chaos of the last month? Have you been the victim of identity theft or have you benefited from ID protection services like this? Share your experiences in the comments or on our Facebook wall.