Sony Introduces PlayStation Stars Loyalty Program for Gamers

PS5 and PS4 players can enroll in the program for free later this year.

Marcos Cabello
Marcos Cabello
Marcos Cabello
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Marcos Cabello

Sony is introducing a PlayStation loyalty program.

Screenshot by Sarah Tew/CNET

Sony on Thursday introduced its PlayStation Stars loyalty program for PS5 and PS4 gamers. It'll be free to join, and players will be able to earn loyalty points by completing a variety of campaigns and activities. Players can choose from a catalog of options to redeem points, including PlayStation Network wallet funds and select PlayStation Store products.

Campaigns will include PlayStation's "Monthly Check-In" campaign, where you can earn points just for playing any game on your console. Other activities will require you to win tournaments or unlock trophies to earn points -- or even be the first player in your local time zone to make it to platinum for a blockbuster title (which indicates that a player has achieved 100% completion in that game).

PlayStation Plus members will also automatically receive points for purchases they make on the PlayStation Store, if they enroll in the loyalty program.

Digital collectibles are also on their way to the PS5 via the Stars program. Collectibles could be figurines of iconic characters -- think Solid Snake or Ratchet & Clank -- or they could be representations of famous Sony devices throughout history. 

The PlayStation Stars program will launch later this year, though an exact time frame hasn't been provided yet. CNET reached out to PlayStation, but the gaming giant didn't immediately respond for comment.