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Sony gives the Walkman a Final Fantasy XV makeover

If you can't afford a Final Fantasy Audi, you can at least take the game's four heroes with you in speaker form.


Sony is capitalizing on Final Fantasy XV's major success with a limited edition audio range.

The Japanese company will be bringing fans a Final Fantasy XV themed Sony Walkman, as well as a redesigned set of h.ear over-ear headphones and wireless speakers. The set of devices is available for preorder now.

Released last Tuesday after 10 years in development, the game smashed sales records following its release last week, with shipments and digital downloads topping five million copies, according to Square Enix.

The Walkman comes with 16-bit pixel characters on the back, with the "'XV" roman numerals above them, along with an updated icon design in the device's user interface. A digital download card for the entire game soundtrack is also available if the purchase is made from the Sony Store -- but sadly, this is limited to Tokyo customers only.

The Walkman, headphones and wireless speakers go on sale on February 10, with the Walkman set at 33,880 yen (about $300, AU$400 or £230), the headphones at 24,380 yen (about $215, AU$290 or £170) and the wireless speaker at 29,380 yen (about $260, AU$350 or £200). This merch isn't exactly cheap, but it's a far more realistic prospect than a $470,000 Audi.