Sony admits selection of PS Move games "not so great"

A Sony UK VP has admitted the company could have done a better job with its Move controller and range of games.

Joe Svetlik Reporter
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Joe Svetlik
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Sony's PlayStation Move takes the Wii's motion controls and adds a dimension, making them more sensitive to your movements. Except it hasn't been the runaway success some predicted. So what happened?

Well Sony's UK VP and MD Fergal Gara was pretty candid in an interview with Official PlayStation Magazine. He admitted Sony "could have done a better job" with the games, and said the range of applications was "probably not so great". Cripes. Read on for the full statement.

Asked whether the PlayStation Move would get more of a mainstream push, Gara said: "What I'm thinking is that it's better suited towards the casual market, certainly, but we also are pretty clear that we could have done a better job on the titles we've had and we've brought to market for the PlayStation Move.

"As you've said, great tech, probably not so great applications so far. So there's a job for us to do on the strength of games, and having seen what's forthcoming gives me great hope that we can do a better job with Move as we look forward. So we're certainly not forgetting about it."

He went on to confirm it is "still being worked on".

So it sounds like Move owners have something to look forward to, though what that is is anyone's guess. I think the problem is Move is kind of a halfway house for gamers: not as casual and family friendly as the Wii, not as involved as Kinect. So it's understandable if Sony doesn't know where to take it. It'll be interesting how the Wii U stacks up when it's released. And the Xbox 720, whenever we see that.

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