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SNES Classic Edition available from Amazon Treasure Truck

The daily deals program expands Friday to 18 major US cities. To celebrate, the carnival-themed trucks are selling the hard-to-get mini console.

Missed your chance to buy a new SNES Classic Edition mini console? Well, here's one more option you can try (if you live in the right city).

Amazon's Treasure Truck program, which offers special daily deals in certain cities via roving carnival-inspired trucks, expanded Friday to a bunch of new locations.

To celebrate, the Treasure Trucks will be selling SNES Classics in 18 major cities Friday, the same day the console went on sale to the public. You'll be able to snag the console for the retail price of $80 via a Treasure Truck. That's a pretty good deal, since most major retailers have already sold out of the device and prices on's third-party marketplace jumped to $140 or more.

The Treasure Truck program, which started two years ago, expanded Friday to Austin, Texas; New York; Nashville, Tennesse; Miami; Orlando, Florida; Phoenix; Portland, Oregon; San Antonio, Texas; and Tampa, Florida. Existing cities are Seattle, Los Angeles, Chicago, Dallas, Atlanta, Houston, Boston, Minneapolis and San Diego.

Customers can order the SNES Classic via the Amazon app, then schedule a pickup time at a Treasure Truck. The offer is available from noon to 8 p.m. local time, or until the consoles sell out. (An Amazon spokeswoman declined to say how many consoles will be available.)

Other Treasure Truck deals have included steak and seafood; outdoor gear; and toys and electronics. Click here for more information from Amazon on how to make a purchase from the Treasure Truck or get alerts on future deals.

Here's how to buy from Treasure Truck. 


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