Sims 4 cheats: Full updated list of codes, from rosebud to motherlode

Here's a huge list of Sims 4 cheat codes to give your gameplay a boost.

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There's a cheat to undo a sunburn if your Sim lays out too long in Sulani. 

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One of the appeals of the Sims PC games is that you can make almost anything happen -- the digital sky is the limit. The life-simulation game turned 20 years old this year and is still releasing new content. Last year, game developer Origin announced the Sims tropical expansion pack Island Living and pre-orders have just started for the new Eco Lifestyle expansion pack due out this summer. 

Since the game's infancy, the Sims has always offered cheat codes to enhance gameplay and give players helpful bonuses. There's a cheat or a mod for almost everything; however, mods are a bit more complicated, even though the right ones can make for incredibly realistic gameplay. If you're not in the mood for downloading and meticulously organizing a bunch of files needed to make a mod, it's best to stick with good old cheat codes. 

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If you've played The Sims even a handful of times, these codes will probably be pretty familiar. To enter them, you need to hit Ctrl + Shift + C on a Windows PC or Cmd + Shift + C on a Mac. This will open up the cheat console -- type in your code and hit Enter for each cheat. To enable these cheats, you will need to type "testingcheats on" in the cheat console. "Testingcheats true" and "testingcheats yes" also work. 

Note that the brackets aren't required -- they simply denote that you need to customize your code. Also, for cheats that give two options in brackets, just choose the one that applies. For example, to make all real estate in the game free, you would type "freeRealEstate on."

This list by no means includes every Sims 4 cheat. There's a multitude out there and some haven't been tested. You can find more cheats to try in the Sims forums.  More exhaustive lists an be found on Sims Online and Carl's Sims 4 Guide.

Here are a bunch of the most popular and useful Sims 4 cheat codes. 

Electronic Arts

Money cheats

Money cheats



Adds §1,000 to household funds


Adds §1,000 to household funds


Adds §50,000 to household funds


Lets you set a specific amount for household funds

Career and school cheats

Career and school cheats


Careers.add_career [NameOfCareer]

Adds career to selected Sim

Careers.remove_career [NameOfCareer]

Removes career from selected Sim

Careers.promote Gradeschool

Raises child's school performance one letter grade

Careers.promote Highschool

Raises teen's school performance one letter grade

Sometimes depending on the career, the cheat code careers.promote adult_[career] will work.


Find ways to live sustainably in Evergreen Harbor with the new Sims 4 Eco Lifestyle expansion pack, due out this summer.

Electronic Arts

Skill and aspiration cheats

Skill and aspiration cheats



Completes a Sim's current aspiration challenge and awards points

stats.set_skill_level major_[skill] [#]

Raises a skill for selected Sim, max the skill by entering 10

stats.set_skill_level skill_child_[skill] [#]

Gives a child a specific number in a skill

stats.set_skill_level statistic_skill_toddler_[skill] [#]

Gives a toddler a specific number in a skill

sims.give_satisfaction_points [#]

Gives specific number of satisfaction points to a Sim, which you can use to buy rewards

Relationship cheats

Relationship cheats



Makes acquaintances with all Sims (takes a moment) 

modifyrelationship [Sim 1 first name] [Sim 1 last name] [Sim 2 first name] [Sim 2 last name] [#] Friendship_Main 

Adds friendship between two Sims

modifyrelationship [Sim 1 first name] [Sim 1 last name] [Sim 2 first name] [Sim 2 last name] [#] Romance_Main

Adds romance between two Sims



Electronic Arts

Build and buy cheats

Build and buy cheats



Placement rules no longer apply when moving objects in Build Mode


Unlocks all career reward items in Buy Mode

Click + Shift + ]

Increases the size of an object

Click + Shift + [

Decreases the size of an object


Adds extra objects in Buy Mode


Adds even more objects (requires bb.showhiddenobjects for it to work)


Allows you to edit the hospital, police station, science lab in Sims 4 Get to Work and the Magic HQ in Sims 4 Realm of Magic

FreeRealEstate [on/off]

Use the cheat in Neighborhood/World view to make all lots free

Death cheats

Death cheats



Disables death in the game

traits.equip trait Ghost_[cause of death]

Turns your Sim into a ghost depending on how they died

traits.remove_trait Ghost_[cause of death]

Brings your Sim back to life after being a ghost

Electronic Arts

The game also has shift-click cheats. I think those are easier to use than manually typing in the cheat codes that do the same thing. If you hold down the shift key while clicking on a Sim or object, you will have cheat options to select from. 

Shift + click cheats

Shift + click cheats


Reset Object 

Resets the selected Sim that might be buggy or stuck

Add to Family/Remove from Family

Adds or removes selected Sim to/from a household

Modify in CAS

Edit your Sim (outfit, hair, etc.) You can make more in-depth changes by entering cas.fulleditmode in the console

Cheat Need > Make Happy

Fills and puts all motive bars back in the green

Cheat Need > Disable Need Decay

Stops motive bars from decreasing

Cheat Need > Enable Need Decay

Sims needs will go up and down normally

Marriage > Clear Marriage

The selected Sim's marriage will be over, but the relationship will still be in tact

Make into Plant Sim

Immediately transforms your Sim into a "plant" person

Public Image (with Sims 4 Get Famous)

Lets you set a good or bad reputation, increase celebrity level or add fame quirks

University Debug Menu (with Sims 4 University)

Lets you enroll in college without applying

Sunbathing Options (with Sims 4 Island Living)

This allows your Sim to automatically become tanned, sunburnt, keep their tan, or remove a sunburn or tan

Shift + click on object cheats

Shift + click on object cheats
Reset Object Resets the object
Make Dirty The object will become dirty
Make Clean The object will become clean

Did we miss your favorite Sims 4 cheat? Tell us about it in the comments below.

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