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Sharing on the PlayStation 4

The new Share button on the DualShock 4 controller makes it easier than ever to broadcast your gaming adventures with others.

Sarah Tew/CNET

Gaming is more social than ever before. Not only are players of all ages coming together to compete online, but they are also sharing gameplay videos, tips, and tricks across social media.

Sony has made it easier to share with friends on the PlayStation 4. The company included a dedicated Share button on the new DualShock 4 controller, which gives gamers the ability to quickly take a screenshot or even broadcast gameplay to others around the world.


A single press of the Share button will display the sharing options menu, a long press will take a screenshot that won't interrupt gameplay, and a double-press will set a start point for recording a video clip.


The sharing menu (which, when opened, will also automatically capture a screenshot) includes three options: upload a video clip, upload a screenshot, and broadcast gameplay.

Once inside the share menu, clicking the Options button on the controller will open the share settings. From here, you can tweak your video clip and broadcast settings, and even connect to various social media accounts.

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The PlayStation 4 is always recording gameplay, whether you like it or not. The system will create a video clip of the previous 15 minutes of your gameplay once you hit the Share button. This clip can then be edited, saved, and shared with others from the share menu.

Audio from your microphone can be enabled on video clips by entering the share settings and selecting the video clip settings.


In addition to recording videos, the PlayStation 4 can even broadcast live gameplay to services like Twitch and Ustream. Before you begin, however, you should configure the broadcast settings. Videos and audio can be recorded at low, medium, high, or best quality in the broadcast settings inside of the share menu. This option cannot be changed once a broadcast has been initiated, though.

Live recordings can also be set to include video from the optional PlayStation Camera accessory and commentary from a connected microphone, both of which can be enabled in the broadcast settings, along with the option to display viewer comments on the screen.

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Once your settings are configured to your liking, simply start a game, tap the Share button, select broadcast gameplay, and choose the service you wish to stream to. As you continue the game, a small sidebar will appear on the right-hand side of your screen that will display viewer numbers and comments in real time.

Live from PlayStation

If you're interested in live streams from other gamers, click on the Live from PlayStation tab on the console's main menu. From here you will find broadcasts and colorful commentary from gamers all around the world.

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Perhaps the most appealing thing about the sharing experience on the PlayStation 4 is that a PlayStation Plus membership is not required to partake in the fun. Both the Live from PlayStation content and various sharing features can be accessed by all PlayStation 4 owners.