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Sega Genesis returns to production -- in Brazil

The venerable 16-bit video game console is returning to retailers' shelves in Brazil, complete with an SD card and A/V support.

The new Sega Genesis.

The Sega Genesis, the venerable video game console, is being resurrected -- at least in Brazil.

TecToy, an officially licensed manufacturing partner, has begun taking orders for a new console that bears a striking resemblance to the original and also features support for the original game library and controllers. It will also sport an SD card slot and support for A/V cables, but alas, not HDMI, reports the Daily Dot.

Originally released in North America in 1989, the 16-bit game console was part of a spirited battle for game fans' hearts. Sega had Sonic, a blue hedgehog, as its mascot. Meanwhile, rival Nintendo had Mario.

But in the nearly three decades since Sega Genesis' launch, the game industry has changed dramatically. With those changes, Sega retreated from the console business, becoming a third-party developer.

But the console remains popular in Brazil, where preorders for the system are running 399 Brazilian Real, or about $125.