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Sega Dreamcast: Why it failed

In the latest episode of Adventures in Tech, we tell the story of Sega's Dreamcast, and examine why it failed.

You'd be hard pressed to find a console as fondly remembered as the Dreamcast -- and yet this innovative gaming system failed so hard that it destroyed Sega's entire gaming empire. In the latest episode of Adventures in Tech we tell the story of gaming's most glorious failure, so press play on the video below now.

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With a killer line up of launch games and forward-thinking hardware, Sega did everything right with its final -- and perhaps greatest -- console. So where did things go so wrong? Hit play to discover the reasons why the Dreamcast simply couldn't survive, and learn which would-be rival can actually be seen as a spiritual successor to Sega's console.

Do you have fond memories of the Dreamcast, or did it deserve to fail? Let me know in the comments, on our Facebook wall or let me know on Twitter, and check back next time for another Adventure in Tech!