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See Hitman Episode 2's gorgeous but deadly setting in launch trailer

Hitman's Sapienza chapter comes out on April 26, but the launch trailer is available now.

Square Enix has released the launch trailer for Hitman's second episode, Sapienza, which launches on April 26. The video shows off the episode's gorgeous Italian seacoast setting and teases some of the story. As the video below explains, the story involves putting a stop to a mad scientist.

Sapienza features all manner of explorable spaces, including a mansion and a medieval church, as well as alleyways and storefronts.

"Sapienza is a dense location full of challenges and packed with opportunities and stories for the enterprising player to unfold," Square Enix said back in October 2015. "And as with all locations within Hitman, dark secrets and engaging stories are everywhere to be found in charming Sapienza."

The location was originally going to be included with Hitman at launch, but when the decision was made to switch to an episodic release model, Sapienza was pushed to April. The next chapter after Sapienza is set in Morocco and is coming in May. The first Hitman episode, which is available now, takes place in Paris.

Square Enix will showcase more of Hitman's Sapienza chapter this week at PAX East in Boston. Designers at developer IO Interactive will play through some of the content and talk more about it during a panel titled "Hitman, You Know His Number," which takes place on Saturday, April 23, at 4:30 p.m. ET. GameSpot plans to be in attendance and will bring you news as it's announced. You can also watch it live on Twitch.

GameSpot's Hitman Episode 1 review scored it a 7/10.

"Hitman's opening act isn't ground-breaking, with a host of tiny problems lending it a dated feel," reviewer Peter Brown said. "When you drop a body into a freezer, there's no animation connecting the process together; there's a hard cut from dragging the body to hiding it. Load times are frustratingly long, lasting just under a full minute when reloading saves. This alone is especially disappointing, given how fun it can be to iterate on your methods by reloading saves and experimenting, a process that's tainted by extended downtime.

"However, Hitman's a veritable playground that will delight you with its open-ended design, comical NPCs and contract creation tools. These qualities, and the flexibility to be as hard-core or laid back as you want, are much appreciated, even if they don't disguise Hitman's lesser qualities."