See Death Stranding reimagined as a PlayStation 1 game

A reminder of how polygon rich we've become.

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Daniel Van Boom

A title screen straight out of 1998.

Bearly Regal/YouTube

E3 shined some clarifying light on Hideo Kojima's enigmatic Death Stranding game. It will be released on PlayStation 4 on Nov. 8, 2019, and will follow main characters Sam and Cliff as they evade the murderous Homodemons and try to rid the world of supernatural creatures known as BTs. So yeah, the game is freaky.

We got all that information from an extensive, cinematic trailer that ran 9 minutes long. On Thursday YouTuber Bearly Regal released a nifty take on that trailer: a 5-minute clip of Death Stranding reimagined as a PlayStation 1 game. Bearly Regal isn't new to Kojima reimaginings -- for the past month he's been using Dreams, Media Molecule's LittleBigPlanet follow up, to recreate Metal Gear Solid missions.

Compare that to the E3's Death Stranding trailer below.

The YouTuber didn't say how he created the clip, but it was likely in Dreams. An incredibly ambitious level, world and scene creation game, Dreams will be released in 2019, but Media Molecule opened up early access for creators in April. I've been lucky enough to demo Dreams, and it's tough to describe -- in a good way. It looks to be a tremendously powerful creative tool. Below is Bearly Regal's Metal Gear Solid creation within Dreams.