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See Batman: Arkham Knight's new 1989 Batmobile in action

The new Batmobile and more maps will be available next week as paid DLC; watch the first gameplay here.

Rocksteady Studios has published the first gameplay footage for the upcoming 1989 Batmobile, a new version of the Dark Knight's iconic vehicle coming to Batman: Arkham Knight next week as DLC.

The Batmobile is based on the version of the vehicle seen in the 1989 Tim Burton film. As you can see, it's longer and narrower than Arkham Knight's standard Batmobile. The handling is better, too, Rocksteady explains, and tracks have been designed specifically for it.

Take a look at the video below to see more and hear directly from Rocksteady developers about the new Batmobile, as well as the upcoming Robin AR challenge map.

Arkham Knight's August DLC, which also includes the Bat-Family Skins pack, arrives next week for Xbox One and PlayStation 4. It will launch first for season pass owners.

The game's first expansion, the Batgirl-focused A Matter of Family, was developed externally at Batman: Arkham Origins studio WB Games Montreal. However, August's DLC was made by Rocksteady itself.

In other recent Arkham Knight news, the PC edition of the game is still facing issues. As a result, the game remains unavailable to buy at major retailers and the game's DLC has been delayed. An "interim" patch is expected to be released later this month.

Making matters potentially worse, a recent report claimed that Warner Bros. knew about the issues for Arkham Knight on PC "for months."

Are you looking forward to trying out the new Batmobile? Share your thoughts in the comments below.