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Seagate's officially licensed PS4 game drive adds 2TB storage

For those who want branding and aesthetic uniformity from their external hard drives.

Seagate has an external hard drive for those who want a little more PlayStation branding in their lives.

PlayStation 4 storage is a concern for plenty of gamers -- those of us with launch models of Sony's console have been deleting games to make room for new ones for years.

We've already got plenty of options for increasing PS4 storage, but Seagate announced on Wednesday it's releasing a 2TB Game Drive -- an external hard drive -- that's officially licensed, so it has a little PlayStation logo.

That 2TB will give you space for about 50 more games and you'll be able to play them as quickly as if they were on the PS4's internal drive, Seagate said in its release. It'll also work smoothly with every PS4 model, as long as it has system software version 4.50 or later.

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You can use the drive to bring your game library to a friend's console, but be warned that you'll need to sign into the PlayStation Network account originally used to purchase the games to play them.

It's coming out in the US next week for $90 (around £70 or AU$120), a bit more expensive than a normal 2TB Seagate drive. The company said via email that it doesn't have timing for a UK and Australia release yet.

So it's up to you if that little logo is worth it. Just don't be like the guy who used some trickery to get a PS4 for $11 and ended up in jail.

First published Jan. 30 at 3:24 a.m. PT.
Updated Jan. 31 at 9:24 a.m. PT: Adds Seagate comment on UK/Australia release.

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