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Rumoured PlayStation 4 'NEO' upgrades power and aims for 4K

The upgraded console will reportedly run faster than the original, and will come in at $399.

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Whispers of an upgraded "PlayStation 4.5" began earlier this year, but now firm details are emerging, with the gaming website Giant Bomb citing unnamed sources and a leaked internal document for an upgrade that includes processing, graphics and memory upgrades, as well as 4K resolution.

Called NEO, as Giant Bomb reports, the upgraded console will not have its own exclusive games. Instead, all games must have exactly the same features for PS4 and NEO owners, with the NEO consoles able to run an improved version, such as higher resolution graphics, or more players in local multiplayer.

All games must also have the same peripheral support, and players will all appear on the same PlayStation Network. This is to keep players on both consoles connected.

According to Giant Bomb's report, Sony is expecting developers of NEO games to meet or exceed the original PS4's frame rate, and would like developers to reach for the 4K resolution. In addition, games that have already been released will be able to patch for the upgrades.

Sony did not immediately respond to a request for comment.