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Rockstar to dole out $500k 'stimulus' to GTA V online users

Grand Theft Auto V maker Rockstar Games says it plans to give players half a million dollars each of in-game currency to make up for online gameplay hiccups.

Rockstar Games

As an apology to early users of Grand Theft Auto V's online mode, Rockstar Games on Friday announced plans to give all its online players $500,000 in in-game currency.

The "stimulus package" comes as a response to myriad technical issues many players faced when attempting to use the video game title's online mode, which is a first for the series.

"For players who experienced cloud server errors, connection issues, and lost game progress and characters in these first days of GTA Online, we hope this GTA$ helps to facilitate a fresh start or makes your continued life in Los Santos and Blaine County extra sweet," Rockstar said in a blog post.

The same amount could be earned in-game, of course, or by spending $10 real world dollars.

Rockstar said it plans to dole the cash out in two installments to everyone who has played the game this month and installs an upcoming patch that promises to fix some of the issues. However the game maker did not specify when exactly that would be happening, short of saying it plans to roll out the first payment by the end of next week.

Yesterday Guinness crowned Grand Theft Auto V with six world records, including best-selling game of all time, as well as the fastest entertainment product to nab $1 billion in sales. The game remains available only for the Xbox 360 and PS3, but is said to be heading to the PC early next year.