Revolution games to be under AU$100

Nintendo executives have revealed that they will be keeping the cost of their first-party Revolution games below US$59.99 (AU$85).

Tor Thorsen Special to CNET News
Tor is a freelance contributor to CNET Australia.
Tor Thorsen
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Nintendo executives have revealed that they will be keeping the cost of their first-party next-generation Revolution games below US$59.99 (AU$85). Speaking with CNN/Money, Nintendo president Satoru Iwata said he "cannot imagine any first party [next-gen] title could be priced for more than US$50". The company has already said that its next-gen console, the Revolution, will be cheaper than its rivals.

"In the US, we're going to see the next-generation cost an awful lot," Iwata told the site. "I really don't think that there's going to be a lot of acceptance by current customers of the US$60 price tag. They may allow that for a limited number of premium titles, but not all."

During the interview, Iwata also touched on worries about the Revolution's very limited built-in storage capacity. In its current form factor, the console will come with only 512MB of flash memory. Nintendo intends to digitally distribute games from its classic NES, SNES, and N64 consoles, the largest of which clock in at around 70MB in size, but has not announced plans for a hard drive peripheral.

Iwata told CNN/Money that concerns over the Revolution's built-in storage capacity would "be addressed" at the Electronic Entertainment Expo. However, he pointed out that the console has slots for SD Cards, which can currently store up to 4GB of memory apiece. He also reminded interviewer Chris Morris that the console has several USB ports, meaning an external hard drive is a distinct possibility.

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