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Tinkerer recreates Razer's triple-screen laptop

All it takes is a laptop, a couple of extra monitors, four hinges and a whole lot of glue, according to a YouTube video.

Razer's triple-screen laptop prototype was a hit at last month's CES 2017. But it's unclear whether Razer will actually put Project Valerie into production.

Instead of hoping for the best, Zack Nelson, a tinkerer whose JerryRigEverything channel has nearly 700,000 subscribers on YouTube, put together his own version of Project Valerie using nothing more than a Toshiba laptop, extra screens, a set of standard door hinges and a liberal dose of epoxy glue.

JerryRigEverything's video, published Sunday on YouTube, shows off his "fully functional" DIY version, which mimics the collapsible screens on the Razer prototype. Don't worry, his hinges aren't anything fancy. They cost $2 each.

Of course, this DIY Valerie is no way comparable, spec-wise, to Razer's prototype. The two additional 16-inch monitors get their power through USB ports, instead of requiring power cables, but come with relatively low 1,366x768 resolution as opposed to Razer's crisp 4K behemoths. Beyond that, there is also the fact that the two side screens are glued to the main chassis using epoxy glue instead of screws, so there is no guarantee of durability.

Still, the video shows that if Razer doesn't end up selling a triple-screen laptop, someone out there will.

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