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Rainbow Six Siege dev will not tolerate team-killing

"We have a plan in place" to handle trolls, Ubisoft says.


One of the pieces of feedback from Rainbow Six Siege's recently concluded open beta is that team-killing was too common, souring the experience for some. Thankfully, then, Ubisoft has confirmed that it has a plan in place to "handle" trolls when the game officially launches tomorrow, December 1.

Someone on Twitter asked: "Are you going to do anything about trolls that kill people on their team?" Ubisoft responded (via VideoGamer) by saying, "Yes. We have a plan in place to handle them. It will not be tolerated at launch!"

Siege is a team-based tactical shooter that requires players to work together to complete objectives like rescuing hostages. With only one life per round in some modes, team-killing is undoubtedly a particularly frustrating and annoying behavior.

Ubisoft did not share any further details about the efforts it plans to take to combat trolling. Other games take on the issue by booting offending players from individual matches or even temporarily (or permanently) banning their accounts in some cases. We'll have the details about Ubisoft's plans for Siege when they are announced.

Siege launches on December 1 for PC, Xbox One and PS4. The game's open beta, which ran into some problems at its start on November 25, wrapped up November 30.