PUBG introduces a Fortnite-inspired Event Pass for $10

The four-week long pass will let players level up for exclusive rewards not available in the in-game store.

Aloysius Low Senior Editor
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Aloysius Low

Sanhok will feature a (relatively) new way for PUBG players to earn loot.

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PlayerUnknown's Battleground is taking a page from its major competitor Fortnite with a $10 (roughly £8 or AU$13 converted) new Event Pass that will launch with its upcoming Sanhok map.

The pass, set to launch globally on June 22, Friday, will last for four weeks and allow players to unlock outfits exclusive to the pass that can't be purchased from the in-game store. Players can complete daily challenges and missions to gain levels (up to 30). This is similar to Fortnite's three-month long Battle Pass, which features 100 levels and rewards for each one.

Battle passes aren't a new thing, despite helping Fortnite become a smashing success for its publisher, Epic Games.

Valve's DoTA 2 used a similar model for previous runs of its annual The International tournament, as well as using it for regular seasons, with over $90 million in revenue generated for the 2017 International (25 percent of which goes back to the prize pool).