PUBG coming to PlayStation 4 in December

After months of Xbox One exclusivity for consoles, PlayerUnknown Battlegrounds will finally make it to the PlayStation 4.

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PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds started on PC, made its way to Xbox One as a console-exclusive in December of 2017, then launched as a free-to-play title on both iOS and Android phones earlier this year. Now, PUBG developers Bluehole are letting PlayStation 4 owners in on the action and make their first drop on the island Dec. 7, 2018.

For those unfamiliar with PUBG (and the game that's taken much of its thunder, Fortnite) it starts with you and 99 other players parachuting onto an island filled with deadly weaponry, at which point you fight to the death. If you're the last person standing, you win. It's a game where winning is about strategy as much as aiming and shooting a weapon, where even cowering in a bathroom can be a nail-biting experience.   


Players will be able to preorder the game starting today, and there are a few different packages with preorder incentives. At $30 players can get a physical copy of the game and PS exclusive skins including a Nathan Drake Uncharted Skin Set and The Last of Us Ellie Backpack (a level 3 backpack). Players can also get a Digital Looters Edition for $30, which includes a digital copy with the same skins, but will also get a The Unknown avatar and a Miramar (original island in-game) theme as instant rewards. 

For $60, players can get the Digital Survivor Edition, which includes the Winter Map Event Pass (a tiered rewards pass much like Fortnite's Battle pass), along with 20,000 Battle Points. For $90, players can get the Digital Champion's Edition, which includes the Winter Map Event Pass, the two PS exclusive skins, "The Unknown" avatar and Miramar theme instant rewards, along with 6,000 G-Coins and 20,000 Battle Points.

All PS4 players will receive a PlayStation-exclusive parachute on the first day PUBG is available.

Studio Director Brian Corrigan revealed the PS4 version of PUBG has been in production for the past year, and said his team has been focused on stomping out bugs in the Xbox version prior to bringing the title to the PS4, with the intent being to have as much parity between the different console environments as possible. He also said there will be no cross-play with other platforms at release and no comment on plans for it in the future.

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