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PS5 storage upgrades reportedly coming this summer

Just in time for the big games coming this year.

PS5 could be getting an upgrade soon. 
Dan Ackerman/CNET

Sony's PlayStation 5 came out in November with promises of options to increase the console's storage in the future. A report Friday says an upgrade might be coming soon. 

Support for more storage space for the PS5 may happen this summer, according to a report from Bloomberg. The firmware update will reportedly allow for bigger SSD drives to be used as well as let the system's cooling fans run at a higher speed to prevent any overheating. The PS5 comes with an internal 825GB custom hard drive, but only 667GB is available for storing games and other data. 

Tech repair site iFixit did a teardown of the PS5 in December showing the easy access to the SSD expansion. All that's needed is taking out a few screws and removing the panel to reveal the NVM Express port. As for what kind of drive is needed, when Sony showed off the PS5 hardware it said M.2 SSDs will be compatible and it plans to release a compatibility list sometime after the console launch.

Sony didn't immediately respond to a request for comment.