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PS4's celebrity-led horror game Until Dawn goes gold

Development on long-in-development horror game finished ahead of its launch in August.

Until Dawn, the upcoming PlayStation 4 exclusive horror game, has gone gold. Developer Supermassive Games announced the news on Friday. The game is scheduled to launch on August 25.

"Going gold" means development has finished, and all that's left to do is send the game to factories for mass production or to the PlayStation Network to beam up to your PS4.

The game features the voice and likenesses of a handful of celebrity actors, including Hayden Panettiere ("Heroes," "A Bug's Life"), Rami Malek ("Need for Speed," "Night at the Museum"),and Peter Stormare ("Fargo," "The Big Lebowski").

Until Dawn has been in development for a long time and has even changed platforms. The game, which was previously in development for PlayStation 3 with Move support before shifting to PS4, follows a group of eight friends who take what they think will be a fun trip to a cabin in the mountains. Obviously things don't go as planned and they must fight to survive...until dawn.

GameSpot recently played a portion of Until Dawn and we were intrigued by what we saw.

"Although I was initially doubtful about how much I'd enjoy Until Dawn's campy dialogue and B-grade horror film idiosyncrasies, when my time was up with the game I found it difficult to leave the characters behind, and the story hanging," editor Zorine Te wrote in her preview.