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PS4 release date to be revealed tomorrow

Sony will reveal the launch date for the new PlayStation 4 games console tomorrow.

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Richard Trenholm

What do we want? The PS4 release date! When do we want it? At 6 o'clock tomorrow! Sony will reveal the launch date for the new PlayStation 4 games console tomorrow.

Sony will announce the date at a press conference at video games industry blow-out Gamescom 2013 in Germany at 6pm tomorrow, Tuesday 20 August.

Sony also promises updates on the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita consoles.

Previous rumours suggest the PS4 could land on 21 October -- potentially a whole month before the rival Xbox One from Microsoft is rumoured to hit shops on 29 November.

The new PlayStation already has a crucial headstart over the new Xbox: at £349, the PS4 is a hefty £80 cheaper than the Xbox One.

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The PlayStation 4 has proved so popular with gamers that Sony doesn't know if it can keep up with demand, warning that even some advance orders might not get a console on launch day.

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