PS4 has potential, but lacks great games in review roundup

Sony's console serves up 'dazzling graphics' according to critics -- but you may want to hold off on a purchase.

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Sony's brand-new console is stonkingly powerful, but lacks killer games at launch, according to critics.

CNET's Jeff Bakalar writes, "The PlayStation 4's beautiful graphics, blazing interface and near-perfect controller make it a worthy successor to the PS3," but notes that, "It would be wise to wait for more titles and features before you buy."

That sentiment is echoed over at Polygon, which concludes, "The PlayStation 4's focus on gaming -- and only gaming -- is undermined by a distinct lack of compelling software," going on to concisely note, "Early adopters of the PS4 this fall are buying potential energy."

The console's all-new controller has been well received. Engadget is yet to finalise its review, but has published some first impressions, in which it writes that, "The DualShock 4 is a great controller we already feel comfortable heartily recommending", while commenting that the PS4's "OS in general is very quick, as is starting the system itself".

Kotaku is similarly holding off on a definitive verdict, but says the system is, "Lighter, thinner and quieter than the original 2006 PlayStation 3." CVG writes that, "Games on the PlayStation 4 look absolutely enthralling."

Stuff gives the console a hearty five stars, saying the user interface "feels 'live' and interactive, and delivers the content you want with a degree of snappiness that the previous generation couldn't get close to."

PS4 games

Thanks to a few delays, the PS4 appears to be lacking in incredible games. Killzone Shadow Fall has been well-received though. GameSpot awarded the shooter seven out of 10, praising the "wonderful visuals" and multiplayer, but calling single-player firefights "lacklustre".

Eurogamer also gave the game a seven, saying, "It's a game that any new PlayStation 4 owner will be proud to show off -- but it won't be the one they remember by the time PS5 rolls around."

Platformer Knack has gone down less well. CVG awarded a score of six, saying the game feels like an "overly-familiar platformer". GameSpot slapped the game with a measly four out of 10, saying, "Knack's downfall is that it focuses entirely on combat, but doesn't offer enough variety or depth within its system to compel you onward."

Frenetic 2D shooter Resogun fared better, scoring an eight in Eurogamer, which called the game, "The closest the PS4 launch line-up gets to offering a genuine next-gen thrill." IGN awards a nine, concluding, "Resogun is a smart, speedy game that reinvigorates the shoot 'em up genre."

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