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PS3 gets PlayStation Now this month, Vita version launching "soon"

Soon you will be able to stream PlayStation 3 games to your PS3.

Sony has announced that its PlayStation Now game streaming service is coming to the PlayStation 3 on May 12. As detailed on the PlayStation Blog, the service will also be available on "select Sony Blu-ray players and TVs."

PlayStation Store

Sony also confirmed a list of games that will be added to PlayStation Now this month. This includes Fat Princess, F1 2014, Sanctum 2, Dynasty Warriors 2: Strikeforce, and Farming Simulator. More games will continue to be added each month. In response to fan questions, Sony also confirmed that the subscription service would be officially launching on the PlayStation Vita "soon." At the moment, existing subscribers are able to access PlayStation Now using the Vita by navigating to the rental menu.

A single subscription to PlayStation Now will allow the service to be accessed from any platform. A month's subscription will set you back $19.99, or a three month subscription can be purchased for $44.99. We reviewed PlayStation Now when it launched earlier this year with a library of over 100 PlayStation 3 games. Sony also offers a free seven-day trial for those wanting to try the service before committing to a subscription.