Prosthetic limb maker wants you to really feel VR

Getting to grips with VR is looking more stylish by the minute.

VR lets you see new worlds, but if 3D-printed prosthetics company Exiii has its way, you'll soon be able to feel them too.

Part glove, part exoskeleton, the Japanese company's Exos VR accessory gives you the sensation of touching a real object in a virtual world. While perhaps a little bulky, it looks pretty futuristic, and with the company's history of creating top-quality prosthetics, hopefully the gloves will bend and flex in all the right places.

It uses small motors in the gloves to trick your fingers and thumbs into thinking they're feeling something real. And while there may be other haptic competitors out there, such as the Unlimited Hand, Exiii is banking on its research and development in the field of physical rehab helping it make a more comfortable and effective glove.

With virtual reality becoming increasingly popular thanks to platforms such as the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and Sony's PSVR, tech developers are exploring new ways to make virtual worlds more immersive. Touch isn't the only sensation they're looking to replicate, with others looking to smell.

The Exos is still very much in development, but already the company is looking at other uses for the device, including physical rehab as well as robot and drone control.