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Police invite wanted criminals to come catch a rare Pokemon

How bad do you want to catch a Charizard? A creative police force hopes to lure people on its wanted list down to the station using the power of Pokemon Go.

The Manchester, New Hampshire, police department has hundreds of criminals on its official wanted list, and it's hoping at least a few of them are hopelessly addicted to Pokemon Go. The police placed an enticing lure on Facebook over the weekend, telling followers a rare Charizard Pokemon can be found in the station's booking area.

The Charizard, a dragon-like monster that breathes fire, is one of the harder Pokemon to find. Not just anyone can come to try to catch the elusive creature at the station. The post specifically invites anyone whose name is on the police wanted list to capture the Charizard. "Hurry before the Charizard leaves!" the police said.

Other police departments around the world are involved in the game, whether it's through issuing warnings to stop calling the cops in search of Pokemon, or confirming their stations are Pokestops. Pokemon Go players are also keeping cops busy with car accidents and falling off cliffs while playing the popular game. It seems no one has taken the Manchester police up on their generous Charizard offer just yet, but it was worth a try.

(Via Laughing Squid)