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Pokemon Sword and Shield's Likely Final Raid Event Offers Some Great Rewards

Earn Ability Capsules, Bottle Caps and more when you defeat Glastrier and Spectrier in Max Raids.

Kevin Knezevic Former staff writer
Kevin has been covering video games and tech since 2010, with a particular focus on Nintendo and Pokemon. Squirtle is the best starter and nothing will convince him otherwise.
Kevin Knezevic
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Glastrier and Spectrier Max Raid event artwork
The Pokemon Company

Pokemon Sword and Shield are holding one more Max Raid event before their online updates end next month

Until Oct. 23, Glastrier and Spectrier, the legendary steeds introduced in Sword and Shield's Crown Tundra expansion, are appearing in Max Raid dens. While you won't be able to catch these Pokemon, you'll earn some very valuable rewards if you manage to defeat them, including Ability Capsules and Bottle Caps.

Before the featured Pokemon can begin appearing in your game, you'll first need to refresh your raid dens. You can do so either by connecting online via the Y-Comm or selecting "Get the Wild Area News" from the Mystery Gift menu.

As mentioned, Sword and Shield will no longer receive online updates after Nov. 1. While online features such as battling and trading will remain available, there will be no new Max Raid events or online competitions moving forward. 

Registration is currently underway for the games' final online competition, the Ultimate Finale, which will feature six-on-six double battles with no restrictions on how many legendary or mythical Pokemon you can have on your team. Signups will end Oct. 27, with the event following from Oct. 28 to Oct. 30.

Sword and Shield players can also get a couple of free mythical Pokemon. Until Oct. 29, GameStop stores across the US are giving away download codes for Genesect and Volcanion. After that, Target stores will distribute free codes for a Marshadow from Oct. 30 to Nov. 12.

The series' next installments, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, are set to launch for Nintendo Switch on Nov. 18. These games take place in a new, open-world region called Paldea. CNET's Sean Keane has previewed them and says they seem like an exciting evolution for the series. Everyone who purchases one of the two titles before Feb. 28 will be able to receive a special bonus Pikachu in their game.