Pokemon Sword and Shield trailer reveals Galarian forms and Team Yell

The Pokemon Company introduced new forms for Weezing, Zigagoon, Linoone and new evolution Obstagoon, as well as form-changing new Pokemon Morpeko in a fresh trailer on Wednesday.

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We got another dose of Pokemon Sword and Shield details on Wednesday, when the Pokemon Company dropped a fresh trailer for the  Nintendo Switch  games ahead of their Nov. 15 release. It showcases new Pokemon, Galarian forms for classic Pokemon and it reveals your rivals.

The trailer showed Morpeko, a new form-changing creature who looks a bit like Pikachu. This Pokemon switches between two forms that are apparently related to how hungry it is: "full belly mode" is its happy one, but it also has a "hangry"mode (we've all been there Morpeko, get a sandwich in you). 


You won't like Morpeko when it's hangry.

The Pokemon Company

The trailer didn't outline exactly how this mechanic works, but this Electric/Dark Pokemon's Aura Wheel changes type depend on the mode.

Galarian Weezing looks a whole lot like a dapper industrial-era tycoon with his top-hat/smokestack and smog-like facial hair -- this version of Weezing will be Poison/Fairy type, where the original was just Poison. Galarian Zigzagoon and Linoone add Dark typing to the standard version's Normal, and they'll have a new evolutionary stage -- Obstagoon.


You'll have to make Marnie and her fans, Team Yell, quiet down by beating them in Pokemon battles.

The Pokemon Company

In terms of human characters, we see new rivals Bede and Marnie, as well as Marnie's "wild fans," Team Yell. 

The company also detailed a new mechanic -- Poke Jobs. You can send your creatures to complete them via the Rotomi in Pokemon Centers.

"Trainers will find that certain Pokemon types are suited for specific jobs," it said in a statement. "The experience gained while on the job will help Pokemon grow, and Trainers may even receive rare items as rewards." Check out our sister site GameSpot for more on Wednesday's update, and fans of the trading card game will want to read their interview with long-time artist Mitsuhiro Arita.

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The previous update showed us the games' Gigantamaxing mechanic, some of the gym leaders and revealed some new Pokemon. The games have already been subject to some controversy -- you won't be able to transfer every old Pokemon into them, a decision that angered fans and caused producer Junichi Masuda to address it in a statement

Since Sword and Shield are set in the UK-inspired Galar region, the company is opening a pop-up Pokemon Center in London a month before Sword and Shield's release. 

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Updated 8:10 a.m. PT: Adds details about Poke Jobs.

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