Pokemon Sun/Moon release date confirmed, starter Pokemon revealed

Watch the new trailer to see Rowlet, Litten and Popplio.

GameSpot Staff
GameSpot Staff
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The Pokemon Company has released a new video for Pokemon Sun and Moon, revealing the three starter Pokemon that players will be able to select in the 3DS title. Additionally, it has also been confirmed the game will launch on November 18.

The three Pokemon are Rowlet (a flying grass type), Litten (a fire type) and Popplio (a water type). See them all in action in the trailer above.

In related Pokemon news, the Pokemon National Championships will be shown across three Twitch channels, providing coverage of the Pokemon Trading Card National Championship, the Pokemon Video Game National Championship and Pokken Tournament Championship. The dates, along with the Twitch channels, can be found below:

Event Dates

  • 14-15 May: Liverpool, UK (Exhibition Centre Liverpool)
  • 21-22 May: Kassel, Germany (Kongress Palais Kassel)
  • 11-12 June: Milan, Italy (Mediolanum Forum, Assago MI)

Twitch Streams

As previously announced, Sun and Moon will offer traditional and simplified Chinese as language options, which is a first for the series. Both games will also come with Pokemon Bank support, allowing players to move Pokemon wirelessly from the classic Pokemon Red, Blue and Yellow, as well as more recent Omega Ruby, Alpha Sapphire, X and Y, to Sun and Moon. Further details on how this works are available here.

February 27 was the 20th anniversary of the Pokemon franchise's debut in Japan in 1996. To celebrate, Nintendo hosted a 24-hour animation livestream event on Twitch, along with releasing classic Pokemon games Red, Blue and Yellow for the 3DS eShop.

The last brand-new Pokemon games in the series for 3DS were Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, which came out in November 2014.