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Pokemon Sun and Moon's tropical Alola region heats up

The latest games, coming to the Nintendo 3DS in November, add new camera angles to the Pokemon battles.

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Aloha is the real-world way of saying hello in Hawaii, and Alola is the name of the tropical region where the next Pokemon games will take place.

Pokemon Sun and Moon editions, coming to the Nintendo 3DS this fall, were shown off Tuesday as part of Nintendo's E3 2016 Treehouse live stream.


Popplio is one of three Pokemon that may start off your journey in the Sun and Moon games.

Screenshot by Mike Sorrentino / Nintendo Treehouse from E3 2016

The latest games add new camera angles to the Pokemon battles, which illustrate further how the combat will take place within the games' storyline.

The trailer featured within the broadcast also shines a spotlight on the three starter Pokemon -- the grass-type Rowlet, the fire-type Litten and the water-type Popplio -- as well as legendary Pokemon Solgaleo (a lion-like psychic- and steel-type creature) and Lunala (a bat-like psychic- and ghost-type creature).

New characters were also shown off, including Professor Kukui (who wears a lab coat but is otherwise shirtless), the professor's "mysterious assistant" named Lillie and the main character's new friend, Hau.

Pokemon Sun and Moon are due out November 18.

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