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Pokemon Presents Livestream Coming Monday: How to Watch Online

The Pokemon Company brings 20 minutes of news as the game series turns 27.

Pikachu is seen at the center of the Pokemon Day 2023 logo in a TV with Pikachu ears, as balloons float and fireworks go off.
Pokemon Day 2023 is happening Monday, and we'll get a glimpse of the franchise's future.
The Pokemon Company

The Pokemon Company teased upcoming announcements last week, with a video presentation scheduled for Monday, Feb. 27. It promised "about 20 minutes" of news about the monster-collecting megafranchise, which will likely include additional content for Nintendo Switch games Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

"Tune in to our official YouTube channel at 6:00 a.m. PST on February 27 for about 20 minutes of exciting Pokémon news in celebration of #PokemonDay 2023," it wrote.

The presentation comes on the 27th anniversary of Pokemon Red and Green's original release in Japan.

When will the Pokemon Presents start?

The Pokemon Presents video will be available 6 a.m. PT/9 a.m. ET next Monday, which converts to 2 p.m. GMT or 1 a.m. Tuesday AEST.

How to watch the Pokemon Presents

The event will be streaming from the Pokemon Company's YouTube channel. We've embed the YouTube link above, so you can watch right here.