Pokemon Go Zacian Raid Guide: Best Counters, Weaknesses and Moveset

The legendary Galar Pokemon is back for a limited time.

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Kevin Knezevic
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Zacian and Zamazenta are appearing in Pokemon Go once again until Aug. 31.


Two more legendary Pokemon have returned in  Pokemon Go for a limited time. Zacian and Zamazenta, the cover monsters of Pokemon Sword and Shield, are both appearing in five-star raids until Aug. 31, making this your first opportunity to catch them in the mobile game since last summer. 

Here are some tips to help you capture Zacian before it leaves raids again.

Zacian Raid Hours

Both Zacian and Zamazenta will appear as five-star raid bosses until Aug. 31, 10 a.m. local time, giving you almost two full weeks to catch them.

If you're looking for Zacian in particular, you'll have your best chance to encounter one on Aug. 24, during Pokemon Go's Raid Hour event. Zacian raids will take over more gyms that evening from 6 to 7 p.m. local time, giving you more opportunities to battle and catch the legendary Pokemon.

Zacian weaknesses

In its Hero of Many Battles form, Zacian is a pure fairy-type Pokemon, which makes it vulnerable to two types: steel and poison. You'll want to stack your team with as many legendary and fully evolved Pokemon of those types as you can when joining a Zacian raids, as they'll give you the biggest advantage over the legendary Pokemon.

Best Zacian counters

Here are some recommended Pokemon to use against Zacian:


  • Mega Steelix: Iron Tail, Heavy Slam
  • Metagross: Bullet Punch, Meteor Mash
  • Dialga: Metal Claw, Iron Head
  • Excadrill: Metal Claw, Iron Head
  • Cobalion: Metal Claw, Iron Head
  • Genesect: Metal Claw, Magnet Bomb


  • Mega Beedrill: Poison Jab, Sludge Bomb
  • Roserade: Poison Jab, Sludge Bomb
  • Muk: Poison Jab, Gunk Shot
  • Vileplume: Acid, Sludge Bomb
  • Nidoking: Poison Jab, Sludge Wave
  • Nihilego: Acid, Sludge Bomb

Best moveset for Zacian

You'll want to teach Zacian a different moveset depending on its form. Hero of Many Battles Zacian will dish out the most damage if it knows the Fast Attack Snarl and the Charged Attack Play Rough. Crowned Sword Zacian, meanwhile, will fare better if it knows steel-type attacks, although this form is not yet available in Pokemon Go.

Pokemon Go still has a few more events lined up before August ends, including the Pokemon Go Fest: Finale. You can catch up on everything happening in the game this month in our August events roundup.