Here's exactly what you get at every Pokemon Go level

Here's how leveling up in Pokemon Go pays off.

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Leveling in Pokemon Go gives you items that will help you better play the game. Some of the items will improve at higher levels. For example, once you hit level 12 you'll be upgraded to a Greatball instead of a regular Pokeball. Though your bag has an item cap of 350, you can go over this item cap when receiving level rewards.

Leveling requires XP, which can be gained from a number of methods including: catching Pokemon, evolving Pokemon, visiting Pokestops and winning gym battles.

Level up!

BallsPotionsReviveIncenseRazz BerryLure ModuleLucky EggsEgg IncubatorXP Required
Level 2 10 Poke1,000
Level 3 15 Poke2,000
Level 4 15 Poke3,000
Level 5 20 Poke1010114,000
Level 6 15 Poke1055,000
Level 7 15 Poke10516,000
Level 8 15 Poke1051017,000
Level 9 15 Poke105318,000
Level 10 20 Poke20 Super101119,000
Level 11 15 Poke10 Super3310,000
Level 12 20 Great10 Super3310,000
Level 13 10 Great10 Super3310,000
Level 14 10 Great10 Super3310,000
Level 15 15 Great20 Hyper101101115,000
Level 16 10 Great10 Hyper5520,000
Level 17 10 Great10 Hyper5520,000
Level 18 10 Great10 Hyper5520,000
Level 19 15 Great10 Hyper5525,000
Level 20 20 Ultra20 Hyper2022022225,000
Level 21 10 Ultra10 Hyper101050,000
Level 22 10 Ultra10 Hyper101075,000
Level 23 10 Ultra10 Hyper1010100,000
Level 24 15 Ultra10 Hyper1010125,000
Level 25 25 Ultra20 Max15115111150,000
Level 26 10 Ultra15 Max1015190,000
Level 27 10 Ultra15 Max1015200,000
Level 28 10 Ultra15 Max1015250,000
Level 29 15 Ultra15 Max1015300,000
Level 30 30 Ultra20 Max20 Max330333350,000
Level 31 10 Ultra15 Max10 Max15500,000
Level 32 10 Ultra15 Max10 Max15500,000

Pokemon Go item descriptions

Here are all of the item descriptions in Pokemon Go:


Leveling up!

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Item descriptions!

Screenshots by Justin Cauchon/CNET