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Pokemon Go launches on iOS and Android

The augmented reality game from Niantic is available to download from the iTunes and Google Play stores.

Luke Lancaster Associate Editor / Australia
Luke Lancaster is an Associate Editor with CNET, based out of Australia. He spends his time with games (both board and video) and comics (both reading and writing).
Luke Lancaster
Watch this: Pokemon Go now on Android and iOS

Want to catch Pokemon in the real world? Well, the wait is over. The augmented reality mobile game Pokemon Go has now launched in a limited number of countries around the world.

The free-to-play game uses your phone's camera and GPS to populate the world around you with Pokemon. As you walk around, you can discover more of the creatures, battle other Pokemon trainers, fight for control of Pokemon Gym locations and, of course, catch 'em all.

Enterprising Pokemaniacs in Australia and New Zealand got a head start, downloading the game on iOS and Android yesterday. North America got its release Wednesday evening. (If you're having trouble finding it, try searching for "Niantic" instead of "Pokemon").

Niantic, an ex-Google startup, previously worked on a similar map-based, GPS-powered game called Ingress. Pokemon Go is Nintendo's second foray into smartphone games, having launched the Miitomo social app earlier this year.

Update, 6:04 p.m. PT: Pokemon Go has now launched in North America.