Pokemon Go Kyurem raid guide: Best counters, weaknesses and moves

The legendary dragon/ice Pokemon is back in five-star raids until Jan. 7.

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Kevin Knezevic
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Kyurem is appearing in Pokemon Go again until Jan. 7.


Pokemon Go  players only have a few more days to catch Kyurem. The legendary dragon/ice Pokemon is appearing in five-star raids until Friday, Jan. 7, making this your last opportunity to catch one for the foreseeable future. Here are some tips to help you beat and capture Kyurem before it leaves the game again.

Raid hours

Kyurem will continue periodically appearing in five-star raids until it leaves the rotation on Jan. 7, but your best opportunity to get it will happen during Pokemon Go's Raid Hour event, which takes place tonight, Jan. 5. From 6-7 p.m. local time, more Kyurem raids will be taking place at gyms, giving your more chances to challenge and catch the legendary Pokemon.

Kyurem weaknesses

As mentioned, Kyurem is a dragon/ice type, which makes it vulnerable to rock, fighting, fairy, steel and other dragon Pokemon. You can see some recommended monsters, along with which moves they should know, below.

Best Kyurem counters


  • Tyranitar: Smack Down, Stone Edge
  • Rhyperior: Smack Down, Rock Wrecker
  • Rampardos: Smack Down, Rock Slide
  • Terrakion: Smack Down, Rock Slide


  • Dragonite: Dragon Tail, Draco Meteor
  • Salamence: Dragon Tail, Outrage
  • Rayquaza: Dragon Tail, Outrage
  • Garchomp: Dragon Tail, Outrage
  • Palkia: Dragon Tail, Draco Meteor


  • Machamp: Counter, Dynamic Punch
  • Heracross: Counter, Close Combat
  • Hariyama: Counter, Dynamic Punch
  • Lucario: Counter, Aura Sphere
  • Conkeldurr: Counter, Dynamic Punch


  • Clefable: Charm, Dazzling Gleam
  • Alolan Ninetales: Charm, Dazzling Gleam
  • Granbull: Charm, Play Rough
  • Gardevoir: Charm, Dazzling Gleam
  • Sylveon: Charm, Moonblast


  • Metagross: Bullet Punch, Meteor Mash
  • Dialga: Metal Claw, Iron Head
  • Cobalion: Metal Claw, Iron Head
  • Zacian: Metal Claw, Iron Head
  • Zamazenta: Metal Claw, Iron Head

Best moves

Kyurem can be a formidable ice Pokemon, but to make the most of it, you'll want to teach it dragon-type moves. In particular, Kyurem will dish out the most damage if you teach it the Fast Attack Dragon Breath and the Charged Attack Draco Meteor.

After Kyurem leaves raids on Jan. 7, the legendary Pokemon Heatran will return for a limited time. There's a lot more happening in Pokemon Go this month as well. You can catch up on everything else going on over the next few weeks in our January events roundup.