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Pokemon Go permanently increases gym and PokeStop distances after fan outcry

Niantic is once again increasing Pokemon Go's interaction radius to 80 meters, after controversially reverting that distance last month.

Niantic is changing interaction distances permanently.

Pokemon Go developer Niantic is permanently increasing the game's interaction radius. The studio has once again increased the distance from which players can interact with gyms and PokeStops to 80 meters, after controversially decreasing that range last month.

The 80-meter (262-foot) interaction distance was one of the temporary measures Niantic implemented in Pokemon Go last year to make the game easier to play amid the COVID-19 pandemic. However, the studio reverted that radius to its original distance -- 40 meters (131 feet) -- in July, resulting in widespread outcry from fans.

In response to the backlash, Niantic said it was forming an "internal cross-functional team to develop proposals designed to preserve our mission of inspiring people to explore the world together, while also addressing specific concerns that have been raised regarding interaction distance."

Niantic will announce the results of its internal task force on Sept. 1, when Pokemon Go's next season is scheduled to begin. In the meantime, however, the studio confirmed it's making 80 meters the game's base interaction radius moving forward. 

"Trainers - we're looking forward to sharing our plans as a result of the task force on September 1, but one thing does not have to wait! From now on, 80 meters will be the base interaction radius for PokeStops and Gyms globally," Niantic tweeted.

The change comes during Pokemon Go's Ultra Unlock Part 3 event. As part of the event, Niantic has introduced several Pokemon from Sword and Shield to the mobile game, including the legendary Pokemon Zacian, which is currently appearing in five-star raid battles until Aug. 26. After Zacian's departure, Zamazenta is scheduled to appear in raids until Sept. 1.