Pokemon Go Fashion Week: Research tasks, Furfrou, Fashion Challengers and more

Here's everything you need to know about Pokemon Go's fashion-themed event.

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Furfrou is debuting alongside other costumed Pokemon during Pokemon Go's Fashion Week event.


Pokemon Go 's Fashion Week celebration is coming to an end very soon, making this your last chance to participate. The event runs until Sept. 28 and features a handful of new Pokemon to catch, including the form-changing Furfrou and costumed versions of Butterfree, Sneasel and other monsters.

The event has also brought the next stage of the season-long Misunderstood Mischief Special Research story, as well as fashion-themed Research tasks to complete, new "fashion challengers" to battle and more. Here's everything you need to know about Pokemon Go's Fashion Week 2021 event.

How to get Furfrou and change forms

The poodle Pokemon Furfrou is making its Pokemon Go debut during Fashion Week, marking your first opportunity to catch one in the game. Furfrou will appear in the wild in its "Natural Trim" form throughout the event, so you won't need to do anything special to encounter it.

Alongside Furfrou, Niantic has introduced a new mechanic to the game: form changing. While Furfrou can't evolve, it's able to change into different forms. These forms will only alter the Pokemon's appearance, and each transformation will cost 10,000 Stardust and 25 Furfrou candy.

Although each Furfrou will be in its Natural Trim form when you first catch it, alternate trims will be available through form changing. Some of these different trims will be exclusive to specific regions. You can see the full list of Furfrou forms below:

  • Natural Trim - global
  • Matron Trim - global
  • Dandy Trim - global
  • Debutante Trim - Americas
  • Diamond Trim - Europe, Middle East and Africa
  • Star Trim - Asia-Pacific
  • La Reine Trim - France
  • Kabuki Trim - Japan
  • Pharaoh Trim - Egypt
  • Heart Trim - TBA

Costumed Pokemon

Alongside Furfrou, a handful of special costumed Pokemon are appearing during Fashion Week. You'll be able to encounter new, stylishly dressed versions of Butterfree, Sneasel and Blitzle throughout the event. Additionally, the costumed versions of Smoochum, Kirlia, Shinx and Croagunk that were featured during 2020's Fashion Week event have returned, giving you another chance to catch them. Each costumed Pokemon can potentially be shiny as well.

Furfrou, Butterfree, Kirlia, Croagunk and Blitzle will all spawn in the wild throughout Fashion Week, while the following Pokemon can be found in raid battles and hatched from 7 km eggs:

One-star raids

  • Costumed Sneasel
  • Costumed Shinx

Three-star raids

  • Costumed Butterfree
  • Costumed Kirlia

7 km eggs

  • Alolan Meowth
  • Galarian Meowth
  • Costumed Smoochum
  • Costumed Shinx

Misunderstood Mischief Research

In addition to the featured Pokemon spawns, Niantic has rolled out the next stage of the season-long Misunderstood Mischief Special Research story as part of Fashion Week. You can only access this portion after you've completed all the previous stages of the Special Research. Here are the new tasks and their rewards:

Misunderstood Mischief stage 7/16

  • Take a snapshot of your buddy - Furfrou encounter
  • Catch a Furfrou - 1 Fast TM
  • Earn a heart with your buddy - 1 Charged TM
  • Rewards for completing all three tasks - Mincinno encounter, 1 Unova Stone, 15 Furfrou candies

Finding Your Voice Special Research

Niantic has also rolled out a new Special Research task line called Finding Your Voice. Completing the entire line will lead to a chance to catch the mythical Pokemon Meloetta, which was previously only available through a Special Research story exclusive to Pokemon Go Fest 2021 ticket holders. Players who have already captured Meloetta through the aforementioned means will instead earn Meloetta candy from the new Special Research line.

Fashion Challengers

In addition to the aforementioned features, there are new in-game opponents to battle during Fashion Week. Throughout the event, you'll be able to encounter stylish NPCs called Fashion Challengers at PokeStops, similar to the way you could battle Team Go Rocket grunts.

You'll need to battle several Fashion Challengers as part of the Fashion Week Research line, which is available only during the event. As with Team Go Rocket grunts, you can tell at a glance if a Fashion Challenger is at a PokeStop if the cube appears to be twitching on the map screen. While you won't get to capture any of their Pokemon, as you could with Team Rocket, you'll earn a variety of rewards for defeating Fashion Challengers, including Stardust and Poke Balls.

Other Fashion Week features

Beyond the new Pokemon and challengers, Niantic has added new Fashion Week-themed avatar items to the game. You can purchase Hoopa Bangles, a layered jacket, a wraparound skirt and more in Pokemon Go's style shop. Some avatar items are also on sale during the event. Fashion Week runs until 8 p.m. local time on Tuesday, Sept. 28.