Pokemon Go Dratini Community Day Classic: Shiny Dratini, Mystery Pokemon and More

The dragon Pokemon is back for Pokemon Go's latest Community Day rerun event.

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Dratini in a field.

Pokemon Go has a slew of events lined up for this month, including two Community Days. The first takes place today, Nov. 5, and offers players another chance to catch the dragon Pokemon Dratini, which was previously featured during the February 2018 Community Day. Not only that, but a mysterious new Pokemon from Pokemon Scarlet and Violet is also appearing in the game following today's event.

Here's everything you need to know about the rerun event, including when it ends and what other in-game bonuses will be available.

When is November's Community Day Classic?

The Dratini Community Day rerun takes place Saturday, Nov. 5. The event will run for only three hours, from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. local time.

Featured Pokemon: Dratini

As mentioned, the star of Pokemon Go's next Community Day Classic is Dratini, which was previously featured during one of the game's first Community Day events, back in 2018.

Throughout the event, Dratini will appear in the wild much more frequently than normal, giving you more opportunities to catch the rare dragon Pokemon. You'll also have an increased chance of encountering a shiny Dratini.

Event move: Draco Meteor

Just as during the original Dratini Community Day, the dragon Pokemon can learn an event-exclusive move during November's rerun event. If you evolve Dragonair (Dratini's first evolved form) into Dragonite before 7 p.m. local time on the day of the event, it'll learn the dragon-type Charged Attack Draco Meteor upon evolving.

Draco Meteor is one of the strongest dragon-type attacks in Pokemon Go. The move boasts 150 power in both gym and trainer battles, making it a great attack for Dragonite to know.

Event bonuses

On top of increased Dratini spawns, a few in-game bonuses will be available during the Community Day Classic event. You'll earn triple the usual amount of Stardust for catching Pokemon, and any Lure Modules or Incense you use will last for three hours rather than their usual duration.

Finally, Pokemon Go will offer a paid Special Research story revolving around Dratini. The Special Research will cost $1 to access and will offer various additional rewards, including more chances to encounter and catch the dragon Pokemon.

Mystery Pokemon

While Dratini may be the star of today's Community Day, the most intriguing part of the event is a mysterious new Pokemon that's appearing afterward.

Immediately following the Community Day Classic, gold PokeStops will appear on the world map. According to Pokemon fan site Serebii, spinning one of the PokeStops will trigger a brief story featuring Professor Willow and Jacq, one of the teachers from the upcoming Pokemon Scarlet and Violet games.

After the dialogue, a strange new Pokemon will begin following your character around on the world map. Although you can't catch this new monster, you'll be able to earn mysterious coins by spinning PokeStops while it's following you around.

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