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100 new Pokemon Go monsters could be hatchin' for your catchin'

The rumored second generation of Pokemon Go creatures could emerge sooner rather than later, according to data miners at a gaming site.

The Pokemon Go app on iOS and Android could grow its family tree.
Mark Licea/CNET

Pokemon Go addicts may get a chance to catch even more pocket monsters for turning into candy and waging war.

Gaming site The Silph Road claims it found evidence of a second generation of Pokemon creatures after crawling through the code of a Pokemon Go file looking for clues.

The site found a new batch of Pokemon that expands the Pokedex, that index of monsters you collect for battle and glory, from number Chikorita at number 152, to Celebi, which settles into slot 251. The Pokemon haul will apparently correspond to 52 new families that include Ho-Oh and Lugia.

In addition, the website says it also discovered a new move, called Transform, though it isn't exactly clear what it does or if the move applies to all the game's critters.

Pokemon Go maker Niantic said: "We're continuing to evolve and grow Pokemon Go but we don't comment on unannounced details or rumors and speculation."

Updated at 12:24 p.m. PT with Niantic's comment.