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Pokemon Go costume helps you really catch Pikachu

Grab some Pokeballs from the PokeStop and give it your best shot.

The revival of Pokemon thanks to mobile augmented reality game Pokemon Go has a whole new generation trying to catch 'em all -- and dressing in their fluffy yellow best for Halloween. This guy, though? This guy really gave it his all, carefully crafting a "working" costume, not just of a Pokemon, but of the game itself.

Matt Borgelt -- who you might remember from his hand-made 2010 NES coffee table, which went viral -- built a cardboard game interface for his torso, and a PokeStop to be held in the hand. When someone spins the PokeStop, Pokeballs pop out the tube at the bottom. These can be thrown at the Pikachu, which in turn triggers a fantastic catch sequence.

Have you seen any other Halloween creations that have blown your mind this year? Let us know about them in the comments!