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Pokemon Go April Community Day: Stufful, Event Move, Bonuses and More

Players have their first chance to catch a new Alola Pokemon during Pokemon Go's April Community Day.

Kevin Knezevic Former staff writer
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Kevin Knezevic
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Stufful is making its Pokemon Go debut during April's Community Day.


Pokemon Go 's Community Day Classic has ended, but there's still one more Community Day event happening this month. April's Community Day takes place today, and it's introducing another new Alola Pokemon to the game: Stufful. Here's everything you need to know about the event.

When is April's Community Day?

Pokemon Go's April Community Day takes place on Saturday, Apr. 23. Unlike recents events, this one will only run for three hours, from 2 to 5 p.m. local time.

Featured Pokemon: Stufful

A new Alola Pokemon is debuting during April's Community Day: Stufful. The adorable red panda will be appearing in the wild frequently throughout the event, making this your first opportunity to catch it in Pokemon Go. Not only that, but you'll also have a greater chance of encountering a shiny Stufful during event hours.

Event move: Drain Punch

A new attack is also debuting during April's Community Day. If you're able to evolve Stufful into Bewear on the day of the event, it'll learn the new Charged Attack Drain Punch. You'll have until 7 p.m. local time -- two hours after the Community Day officially ends -- to evolve Stufful and learn Drain Punch. You'll also need to amass a whopping 400 Stufful Candy to trigger the evolution.

Live meetups

While April's Community Day will be a global digital event, game developer Niantic will also host live, in-person gatherings in various cities across the world on Apr. 23. Players in the US will be able to attend gatherings at the following locations:

  • Phoenix, AZ: Patriots Park/CityScape
  • Oakland, CA: Jack London Square
  • Washington D.C., DC: The Wharf
  • Atlanta, GA: Woodruff Park
  • Chicago, IL: Maggie Daley Park
  • Indianapolis, IN: White River State Park
  • Owensboro, KY: Owensboro Convention Center/Owensboro Sportscenter
  • St. Louis, MO: Tower Grove Park
  • New York City, NY: South Seaport District
  • Houston, TX: Discovery Green
  • Dallas, TX: Klyde Warren Park
  • Austin, TX: Republic Square Park
  • Seattle, WA: Seattle Center
  • Jacksonville, FL: Sandlot
  • Los Angeles, CA: Grand Park

The full list of live events can be found on the official Pokemon Go blog.

Other event bonuses

In addition to increased Stufful spawns, a few other in-game bonuses will be available during April's Community Day. You'll earn triple XP and double candy for catching Pokemon, and you'll have twice the chance of getting a Stufful Candy XL when you catch the featured Pokemon.

On top of that, any Lure Modules or Incense you use during the event will remain active for three hours rather than their usual duration. You'll also have a chance to unlock additional bonuses. If players can collectively catch enough Pokemon near a PokeStop that's equipped with an active Lure Module, then they'll earn quadruple catch XP instead of triple for 30 minutes.

Finally, there will be a new $1 Special Research story during April's Community Day, as well as a special item bundle. The latter costs 850 PokeCoins to purchase and comes with the following items:

  • 15 Ultra Balls
  • 15 Pinap Berries
  • 1 Elite Fast TM
  • 1 Remote Raid Pass

You can read additional details about April's Community Day on the official Pokemon Go blog.

Community Day isn't the only event happening in Pokemon Go right now. Sustainability Week is also underway until Apr. 25, and the legendary island guardian Tapu Bulu is appearing in five-star raids until Apr. 26. You can catch up on everything that's going on in the game this month in our April events roundup.