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Splatoon 3 Is Crossing Over With Pokemon for Its Next Splatfest

Which Pokemon starting type would you choose: grass, fire or water?

Kevin Knezevic Former staff writer
Kevin has been covering video games and tech since 2010, with a particular focus on Nintendo and Pokemon. Squirtle is the best starter and nothing will convince him otherwise.
Kevin Knezevic
2 min read
Art for the Splatoon/Pokemon Splatfest event

Splatoon 3's next Splatfest will decide, once and for all, what the best starting type is in Pokemon.


Splatoon 3's next Splatfest is just around the corner, and this one will be a special collaboration with another beloved Nintendo franchise: Pokemon.

The event runs Nov. 11 to Nov. 13, and the theme this time is the age-old question that all aspiring trainers face when they first set off on a Pokemon adventure: Which starting type will you choose -- grass, fire or water?

To commemorate the Splatfest, Nintendo is offering a special Splatoon/Pokemon keychain set through its My Nintendo rewards program. The set costs 550 Platinum points and will be available while supplies last. My Nintendo members can also redeem Platinum points for a wallpaper calendar featuring the Splatfest artwork.

The Splatfest takes place one week before the launch of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, the next mainline entries in the Pokemon series. These two games take players to a new, open-world region called Paldea, which is home to a variety of brand-new Pokemon and characters. For the first time in the series, you can also team up with other players and explore the region cooperatively.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet arrive on the Nintendo Switch on Nov. 18. Everyone who purchases one of the titles before Feb. 28 will be able to receive a special bonus Pikachu in their game. This particular Pokemon knows Fly -- a move it typically can't learn -- and becomes a flying type when it Terastallizes.

In the meantime, Splatoon 3's idol group, Deep Cut, held its first "live" concert on Oct. 9, during the Nintendo Live 2022 event in Japan. You can watch a replay of the performance on Nintendo's YouTube channel. The new Splatoon 3 Amiibo figures will also launch on Nov. 11.

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